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“I started CrossFit a year ago, and realized during the Open that I needed extra help working on some of the more technical lifts and gymnastic movements. When I started personal training with Adam we made a laundry list of where I wanted to improve (basically every movement was on that list). Within the first month, I could tell a difference in my mental fortitude. By the end of the third month, I could see a huge difference in my clean form and added 20 pounds to my max clean. I went from doing 10 double unders at a time (with entirely too many whip marks on my arms) to being able to string together 40. I also found the courage to compete in my first CrossFit competition. Adam is an awesome coach and has become a great friend. I can’t say enough about the support and encouragement he gave me, both when I was frustrated and when I was celebrating PRs. If you’re looking for one-on-one help with CrossFit, you should definitely consider personal training at BoomFit.”

Sam Atchison

“I moved to College Station a year ago and didn’t know a soul. All I had was my dogs and my love for CrossFit. I had previously worked out at my home CrossFit gym for two years in the Houston area and had incredibly high and stubborn standards for what I was looking for in a new gym. BoomFit has exceeded every expectation. The community of athletes and coaches are inviting, encouraging, and supportive. I can’t believe I was so skeptical in the beginning. One year later…I am happy and proud to call BoomFit my home gym! “

Kayce Moore

“I am extremely happy with my decision to join Boomfit!  Classes are fun and are led by knowledgeable coaches that motivate and drive each participant.  I started Crossfit with the idea to become more fit and healthy, which I have achieved, but soon realized that Boomfit is more than a gym!  I enjoy working with all the people of Boomfit and have made good friends through working with the staff, employees, and other members.  Everyone is motivating, helpful, and Charlie and his staff truly want you to be all that you want to be.”

Clay Cavinder

I have been working out at TWC for two years now. TWC gave me my life back. I had by-pass surgery the year before I started but had not taken care of myself like I should. Realizing that if I did not do something about my weight and nutritional habits (bad ones) that the quality of my life would just get worse and worse. I started the end of January by spring break I had lost 20 pounds and could walk without getting out of breath. The August before I had gone with my son to San Francisco to help him move there. I could not walk very far at a time–even on the down hill slopes :). In March after being with TWC when my husband and I went out to see Charles Henry, I could walk with out getting out of breath. By August when I went out to visit again I could walk from his apartment in the Marina to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39–a good 20 minute walk without hesitating.

Dena Frieda

Deciding to hire a personal trainer takes a lot of commitment…both emotionally and financially! Suddenly, not showing up at the gym not only affects you, but also can affect the person you have an appointment with! However, it has also been the greatest single thing I have done for both me and my family. The trainers at TWC are amazing. Yes, I have had physical progress, and continue to reach goals in endurance, strength and weight loss…but what I have noticed so much more is my attitude on life has changed. Food is no longer a crutch, or a coping device…it’s fuel. Exercise is no longer a torture that I endure, it’s a stress reliever. And, fitness has become something that I truly enjoy

Jennifer Jennings

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the gym or are already exercising you SHOULD consider working with a personal trainer. Be sure to hire someone who knows anatomy, physiology, nutrition and someone who will personalize your workout to work for you. CHARLIE LIMA IS THAT TRAINER!

Ellen Mikulin

I started January 1,2008 like many others hoping to shed a few extra pounds this year and at 372 pounds it was more than a few that needed to be lost. I started the weight loss journey on my own in the gym like I have in years past but had failed many times a few months into it. I hit that road block like years past but I promised myself this year would be different so I contacted Charlie about a nutrition session. I met with Charlie and to my surprise I found out that I was not eating enough calories and through his nutrition guidance I began losing more weight.

Chris Willis

I began the Train with Charlie Boot Camp in March, 2008. I had been “halfway” committed to a diet and exercise program for the past 3-4 years and my extra weight reflected that fact. I have known Charlie Lima and Jamie Hall for 2 years now. Jamie is the Boot Camp Director, the “Colonel of the Camp” so to speak, who in March 2008 encouraged me to start the next camp, while Charlie encouraged me to couple that with a diet program, so I did. One month later my weight had dropped 11 lbs. I really felt better and had more energy. I am currently in my seventh camp ( 6 weeks each ) and I have to say that this experience has had a very positive effect on my life. My weight is staying down and energy levels are up. One last thing, I’m over 50 and if I can do it, anyone can. So age should not be a concern. Charlie Lima and his staff are GREAT! I highly recommend the Boot Camp.

Mike McMahon

Hi my name is Lisa Lowe and I started with Train With Charlie a year ago this month. In that time I have lost right at 100 pounds, 19 inches and 9 percent body fat. I started with Adam, a TWC Trainer, in May of last year. At that time I weighed almost 300 pounds and wore a size 26/28, I now weigh less than 200 pounds and wear a size 18 pant and a 14/16 top. I signed up with Adam for weekly personal training sessions and met with Charlie for a nutrition session. I now pay attention to what I eat and write everything down.

Lisa Lowe

I feel like conquering the world now”
I never got the chance to tell you how much the 40 day challenge did for me. Until I tried that challenge I thought I knew how to diet, apparently I didn’t because it seems that I never lost more than maybe 5lbs and had no energy. Well I have lost that 20lbs and am down to a size 8 that I have not seen in decades….Thank You so much for all of your help and motivation, I feel like conquering the world now.
Thanks So Much

Jan Pittillo

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