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You are looking for a personal trainer, right?

Why BoomFit? We apply the right mindset, energy and world class motivation along with top notch guidance, ironclad instruction and complete support to give you a workout experience with unsurpassable results.

This means you’re gonna look great NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF GENETICS YOU HAVE.

We constantly SWITCH-UP the workout routines so you are never bored with the personal training sessions, your body never adapts and you continue to make non-stop progress at a rapid rate… we will literally “trick” your body into shape…

Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly Personal Training Sessions – You’ll receive trainer-supervised workouts on a weekly basis that’ll constantly drive you towards your ideal body as FAST as possible. (We’re going to put you on an exercise program that’s gonna fire up every single muscle in your body so you can start seeing toned muscle all over within just a few weeks.)
  • Motivation – Your trainer will motivate you every single time you come in for a workout so reaching your fitness goals will be EASY (Without this external motivation, it is EXTREMELY difficult for most people to get into shape.)
  • Guidance – During your workouts we’ll practically guide you by the hand through the entire process (All you have to do is show up and you get one of the most fat-melting and muscle-toning workouts available anywhere, practically on auto-pilot.)
  • Instruction – We will show you EXACTLY how to do every exercise SAFE and correctly (you won’t be one of the countless people wasting their time using ineffective and dangerous exercise form.)
  • Support – We will give you mental, physical and emotional support which is CRUCIAL in making consistent progress (When most people start an exercise program on their own they quit within 60 days… we’re here to make sure this DOESN’T happen to YOU.)
  • Accountability – We’ll MAKE SURE you show up to your workouts, which makes getting into shape practically inevitable (Getting to the gym is half the battle.)
  • Nutritional Instruction – You’ll discover which foods to eat and which foods to stay away from like a mugger in a dark alley (It’s probably NOT the foods you think…in fact, if you’re like most people, you probably had one of these “foods to avoid at all costs” within the last 19 hours without even knowing it.)
  • Fun Workouts – If you don’t enjoy something you probably won’t stick with it… so we make SURE you have a good time during your workouts (You’re actually gonna LOOK FORWARD to working out for once!)
  • Push you when you need it – Lets face it, everybody has days where they’re not feeling 100%, even the best of us. That’s why we’re here to lift you up, cheer you on and give you a kick in the BUTT when you need it. (We’re here to make sure you ALWAYS rise to the occasion and maximize every single workout… this just isn’t possible without a trainer.)  

You will..

  • Lose fat once and for all – With conventional methods over 93% of people who lose fat gain it all back. We’ll show you how to do be part of the 7% of people who keep the fat off forever (This alone is worth at least 10 times the cost of the training.)
  • Tone up your entire body – We’re gonna make you lean and defined everywhere. When people rely on pills and crash diets, they might lose a little weight, but end up just looking like a weak and sickly smaller version of themselves with soft and mushy muscles… with our program you will look FIT and HEALTHY. (In fact, you’re gonna look so fit people will think you’ve been working and eating good out for years.)

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