2012 Winner Buddy Albro


Buddy Albro is our 2012 BCS Marathon Fitness Hero. Buddy is a PE teacher at Krueger Elementary in Marion, Texas (near San Antonio). He is married to Shawn, his wonderful wife and running partner.

“Buddy has been an encouragement for all the students and staff at Marion ISD as well as anyone else he meets.”

A person who nominated Buddy said, “Buddy is a great mentor to children and coworkers. He turned a non running diabetic into a running junkie who ran their first half marathon earlier this year. He motivated and encouraged me to do something I didn’t think I was capable of. He ran with me the whole way. I consider him my personal hero and an amazing friend.”

“His dedication to getting children to run and enjoy it is unbelievable. I wish I would have had an elementary coach like him. He spends countless hours after school setting up a running club program and multiple races each year. Buddy would never consider what he does to be the work of a hero. But I know I do and I know countless teachers, parents, and children who do.”

Buddy is 53 years old and ran his 1st marathon at age 38. Since then he has ran at least one marathon per year and last year alone he participated in 54 races, ranging from 5ks to marathons. He has several friends, co workers and students that he inspires and runs these races with.

Through his actions daily, he motivates and encourages those around him to get fit and to be the best they can be. He created the Krueger Elementary running club. Students run laps around the track and earn feet that they wear on a chain. His 600 PE students love their PE coach and love the running club. He takes students to local 5K events and he organizes his own 5K events. Another person who nominated him said, “I have watched students over the years turn into life long runners because of Mr. Albro. In addition to encouraging students to get fit, he also inspires other teachers and co-workers. Buddy encourages others by setting a good example every day. When you get to know him, you can’t help but catch his fitness bug. His passion is contagious. He is the reason I am running the BCS Marathon this year. When he heard I was running it, he signed up to be a pacer.”

Buddy and his wife, Shawn, were pacers for the 6 hour group at this years BCS Marathon. They did this for the Woodlands marathon and spoke of how rewarding it was. Buddy is typically about a 4 hour marathoner. Another person who nominated Buddy said, “Yes, he could run this in under 6 hours, but he enjoys helping others accomplish their goals and dreams. So he chooses to slow down and encourage others along the way.”

Buddy is also sponsored by Brooks in their ID Program. Brooks I.D. stands for Inspire Daily. Brooks I.D. is made up of over 1,000 runners and multi-sport athletes who are active in their communities and share a passion for the Brooks brand. They are runners who are winners in their own right: winning their age divisions, accomplishing their personal goals, pushing their own limits, and by extension, encouraging others to do the same. They are coaches, mentors, and leaders.

Buddy has touched many lives and continues to do so. “He is an amazing person that is humble, truly cares about others. Inspiring and encouraging others is what he naturally does.”

Read below for qualifications to earn the BCS Marathon Fitness Hero Award

BCS Marathon Fitness Hero presented by BoomFit

BoomFit is proud to be the sponsor of the first ever BCS Marathon Fitness Hero Award which will be presented at this years pre-race Pasta Dinner on Saturday, December 8th. Please read about the award and nominate the person who you feel most exemplifies the characteristics listed below. All nominations must be submitted by November 30th in order to be eligible for the award. BoomFit has selected a committee to read through nominees and will present the award at the Pasta Dinner on November 8th.

Who is your BCS Marathon Fitness Hero?

Take a few moments and think about who your heroes were when you were a child. Was it a comic book figure? Or a great leader, athlete, or your favorite grandmother? Heroes inspire us and help us see greatness that is out of the ordinary. What is it about your special hero that inspires you, that especially stands out for you? It is most likely values such as bravery, goodness, honesty, humor, integrity, creativity, humbleness, diligence, and consistency.

Now ask yourself who inspires you towards a healthier lifestyle? Who is your Fitness Hero? There are people in your life, maybe during training for this race, who have encouraged you to keep going and continue training even when you second-guessed your own desires or abilities. Your Fitness Hero has most likely helped you to understand yourself better, he/she has helped you locate your strengths and how you can use them to get further along in your fitness goals of a healthy lifestyle.

This person is an encourager and always makes you feel like you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. They believe in you when no one else does. They check on you when you are down, and embody humility better than anyone you know. To sum it up, if you had this person with you all the time you would be in the best shape of your life because their energy and passion for fitness is contagious.

Most likely, this person has the following characteristics:

  1. They are a good example.
  2. They care about others.
  3. They are encouraging.
  4. They are humble.
  5. They challenge you to be your best.

Think of the person who has helped you reach a level of fitness and health beyond what you could have done alone. Nominate this person and in 150 words or less tell us why they should win this award.

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